Santa Ana - El Salvador

Santa Ana - El Salvador

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Origin: Apaneca, Llamatepeq

Varietals: Bourbon, Pacas

Process: Natural

Elevation: 1100 masl

This natural-processed coffee has a syrupy body with notes of cocoa, orange, and cherry.

$15.50  (12oz / 340g), Whole Bean Coffee

This coffee is produced by a collection of farmers in the region of Santa Ana in Apaneca, LLamatepeq, El Salvador.  The coffees that are grown in these areas and create the Santa Ana brand, are mostly Bourbon and Pacas varietals and are designated Strictly High Grown (SHG) specialty coffee.  After a careful harvest, this coffee is then milled at Cafe Tuxpal, which is owned and managed by Federico Pacas and is well-known for the consistent quality and care in processing from the farm all the way to the mill.