About Us


The plans for Sidebar Coffee began to take shape in the margins of a legal pad a few years ago.  At the time, Sidebar founder, Andres Muñoz, was busy working as an attorney in Manhattan.  As the long weeks and late nights piled up over the years, his focus strayed more and more towards coffee - an obsession he'd had for a long time.  Finally, in 2018, after years of sharpening the art and science of roasting coffee, Andres decided to start Sidebar.

A love and appreciation for all things coffee started when Andres was just a young kid, and a goal of Sidebar Coffee is to reflect that same love and appreciation.  His abuelita's evening ritual was to brew a pot of coffee and then share stories with the family around the kitchen table over a cup of "tinto."  Andres happily took over the brewing duties at an age much younger than any child should start drinking coffee.  Stories about the blooms and harvests at his grandfather's coffee farms in Tolima, Colombia, captivated him and further fueled his interest in the art of coffee. 

Sidebar Coffee Roasters is committed to bringing out the best features in every coffee and keeping the utmost standards in quality and sourcing.  

We're currently roasting our coffees at the Regalia Roasting Collective, 39-02 Crescent St, Long Island City, NY.